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Attention Landlords:

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Seven Stages – Pop Quiz

Take this quick self assessment.  You will get a handle on your current management style.  It will point out the areas that you need to focus and concentrate on in order to improve your landlording skills.  After you have taken this quick assessment, go to the Seven...

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Should You Rent To Section Eight Tenants?

Whether to rent to Section Eight tenants is a debate that landlords have had within their ranks since the Section Eight program as first established by HUD.  There are arguments to be made on both sides. The reality is that the absolute answer for everyone doesn’t...

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Know and Understand Your Applicant

You never want to try to be friends with your tenants.  That brings with it problems and issues that are better left unexplored.  You do however want to have a warm and friendly relationship with your tenants. You need to understand what your tenant is about and what...

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Do they have a criminal record?

Do they have a criminal record? Wouldn't it be great if you could tell who had a criminal record and who didn't just by looking at them?  It would and a surprising number of landlords say: "Well, I am an excellent judge of character."   Well they usually say that...

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Can They Afford The Rent?

When it comes to finding your perfect match in tenants, there are so many different things to consider. Their ability to pay, their identity (is it real or do we have a masquerade), their criminal record, and so much more. Think of it as like dating You want a match...

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